Sunday, 5 July 2009

A walk onto Stanton moor, the Nine ladies & Cork stone

Welcome to 'walkpeaks' - my latest blog. If you're used to 'Peakwalks' (one of my other blogs), and have come here from my message on that (and my other) blogs, then thanks for following me. I HAD to start a new blog, as the old one was taking forever to load for a newcomer.
If you ARE a newcomer, then welcome to my world of walking. Here we go then, with my first proper posting...........
This little piggy - was very happy, snuffling about in the garden!
We parked the car at Alport, booted up in the lovely morning sun, and walked across the road to see these two happily foraging for grubs, etc.
If you need your garden digging, don't do it the hard way - get a couple of piggies to do it for you!

The river Lathkill, as usual, was looking good.
Crystal clear, babbling along at its own sweet pace, and it made us feel very relaxed just to look at it.
A lovely show of Wysteria on a cottage in Alport.
The little bridge over the river.
At this time of year, a green dream.
Just LOOK at this lane. It does the soul good to walk along it.
It's really great for Sue & I to have this just a ten minute drive from where we live.
We work hard, but this really re-charges the batteries fully.
Then I looked to the right, over the fields and to this wonderful sky.
What more could anyone want from life? I really DO feel so sorry for the many people who live in the area, and have never set foot on a path to discover this sort of thing.
These poppies were standing proud in a garden in Stanton-in-the-Peak village.
Don't you just love the little idiosycrasies of villages?
I noticed this fabulous doorknocker, both practical AND topical.
Rhododendron, in a garden, also in Stanton-in-the-Peak.
No woner they built a village here, just LOOK at the views they get!
After a short climb up the lane out of the village, we turned onto Stanton moor and covered the short walk to the Nine Ladies stone circle. Like most of these places, VERY evocotive. I'm not at all religious, but I have to admit to getting a certain 'feeling' (I can't really describe it) when I visit such places. I remember getting it when I visited Arbor Low, another stone circle in Derbyshire.
After lunch among the stones, we carried on across Stanton moor to where the aptly named 'Cork Stone' is.
Of COURSE, I had to get up there!
It looks insurmountable, but don't be TOO impressed.........
There's a ladder of sorts up the other side ;-)

We moved on, and to the next village, Birchover.
This unusual millenium stone stands at the entrance to the village.
This is the garden of the old vicarage, now a private residence.
This pond always sends out serenity.
They must unwind many an hour at its side, I know I would if I lived there.
Superb and very long-ranging views today in the pristine air conditions.
Just right for photography.
I couldn't have arranged these clouds better myself.
Some lovely shows of flowers at this time of year.
One of my favourites is the cornflower.
Well on the way back now, and a good view of Youlgreave church tower.
We walked back down Bradford dalem marvelling at the beautiful buttercups there.
This really is a nice picture, maybe even my favourite of the day.
And then we were back at the car at Alport.
A great day, and a great opportunity for my first posting here on 'walkpeaks'.
If you've enjoyed it, please take the time to add a comment, I LOVE reading them :-)

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