Saturday, 8 August 2009

Run away to the sea!

The forecast wasn't good for our day off - well not in Derbshire, so we checked for Whitby, and Hey Presto! Sunshine ALL day. We got up early and set off to our favourite seaside place.
We stopped off at Robin Hoods Bay to connect with a couple of friends we have there, before starting the walk over the cliff tops to Whitby, and the Magpie cafe for lunch - MMMMMMMM!
I don't know why, but this garden, at the start of the walk, has plastic sheep in it???
They seem to be keeping the grass down, anyway!
At this time of the year, lots of blooms at the pathside.

The tide was out, so there was a great view of the foreshore.
The cliffs looked good too.
Crops in the fields were maturing too, and waved in the gentle breeze.
Broad beans - what a lovely flower for a vegetable.
Busy, busy bees.
And caterpillers - not long before another moth takes glight.

A poppy in full bloom, beautiful!
We rounded a corner to see Saltwick Nab. Sue LOVES this bit of the walk, so do I. This strange rock, sitting just off the cliffs, is a real draw to the eye.
Unfortunately, this place has also drawn ships to their doom in the past, and many wrecks litter this coastline. These are the remains of just one.
Looking back to Saltwick nab

The walk soon passed, and as usual, we really enjoyed it.
Conditions were just right for walking, and it just filled our hearts with pleasure to be out on such a day. Our first view of the pier off Whitby harbour came into view.

A view of the abbey, across the waving fields.
Then, it was down the steps, and into the bustle of Whitby.
We made a beeline for the Magpie.
It was lunchtime, and the walk had sharpened our appetite.
Here's the impressive list of the fresh fish available on that day.

Lots of people, tucking in to their chosen feasts.
This was our choice, as on many occaisions, the 'fish taster' won us over. So MUCH choice in one dish, it really is a challenge for the pallette!
Then it was off for a walk to settle our lunch.
We like to walk to the end of the pier and just 'people watch'.
There were lots of families enjoying the beach.
Looking across to the church and abbey.

The 'bark Endevour' gives pleasure rides out to sea and back.
The ubiquitous red roofs of Whitby.
Poor old Cook - great man that he was, now just a perch for cheeky seagulls!
The whalebones - harking back to Whitby's past - a MUST for a picture when in Whitby.
Smile, Susie!
Looking North, along South beach.
Next thing I know - Sue decides it's looking good for a swim.
Here she is, just testing the temperature.
As you can see, BL**DY FREEZING was about the level!
But, a true lover of the sea isn't put off by a little cold, oh no, and very soon, Sue was cutting through the waves like she was born to it.
And enjoying every minute.
Looking South towards the pavillion, along North beach.
After her swim, we took a walk around Whitby.
This is a view of the church & abbey from 'the screaming tunnel'.
If you go on the Whitby ghost walk, all this will be explained to you.
Afterwards, we took a taxi back to Robin Hoods Bay, said our goodbyes to our friends there, and made our way home.
This one look back across the Bay to Ravenscar from Fylingthorpe churchyard is always a sad farewell. But we'll be back!

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