Sunday, 28 March 2010

Arran, part five - the Stone circles

After getting all the pictures we wanted from our morning walk, we set off to the south of the island. It's flatter and more fertile here, and there is evidence of human habitation for over 8,000 years - that's some history!
Machrie Moor, in particular, seems to have been a favourite place, and there are several stone circles and standing stones still preserved there
This is one of the larger circles.
I think they were hut circles but whatever, they're very impressive!
A small standing stone, one man could have erected this.
But it would take a veritable army of men to get this one up and standing.
I can't work out if those striations at the top of this stone are
natural, or man made?
(Click on the pic for a larger version)
This single standing stone had them too.
I LOVE the background of snowy hills. We sat on a stone and had a most
agreeable lunch under the warm sun.

I was quite surprised to see what looked like a pair of millstones. The broken one had
a square cut-out in the middle, as though a shaft went in there.
After our time with the stones, we moved on to Blackwaterfoot,
on the south-west coast of Arran.
It's a sleepy little place, with a tiny harbour and a golf course.
We parked the car (free) and walked over the golf course, following the
signs to the Kings cave, which was next on our 'list'.
Another beautiful day, with the prospect of a great sunset.
This walk along the coastline was really nice and tranquil.
This holiday really was massaging the soul!
A strange rock face called 'The Doon'.
It looks a lot like the basalt pillars you see on volcanic islands.
Whatever, it was quite dramatic, and takes you by surprise after the
rolling greens of the golf course.
Looking across to Kintyre.
The 'Mull of Kintyre' is to the left of this picture.
We soon came across the entrance to 'Kings Cave'
The notice said it was sometimes locked to prevent vandalism.
Luckily for us, today it was open.
The view from inside.
It's quite a large cave, but not very deep.
I bet it could tell a tale or two of habitation over the years.
NOW what am I trying to capture?
This lovely shot. I waited AGES for those birds to take off and get into position!
I felt it was well worth the wait.
We walked back along the seashore.
All this loveliness, and we hadn't seen another soul all day.
The sun began to set, another day, another show.
I wish I could put into words how this makes Sue & I feel.
Serene......fulfilled.......relaxed....contented..... they don't even come close.
We don't lead stressful lives, but if we did (or if YOU do)..........

Tomorrow, we are going to 'do' Holy Island.
The weather is set fair - again :-)


  1. Beautiful pictures...beautiful countryside...we are definitely inspired to go and visit the seals. Thanks also for the nice chat in Bakewell!
    Keep on walking:)
    Liane and Katharina from Germany

  2. You're VERY welcome, Liane :-)