Sunday, 15 August 2010

Bamford blast.

Today we decided to go up onto Bamford and Stanage edges. We had the company of Sue's son, John, who is getting into walking more and everyone who walks should see the view from Bamford edge!

We parked up in Bamford village, and set off up the VERY steep 'fidlers lane' (one 'd').
John was a bit taken aback by its steepness, but we plodded on up to the top.
Halfway up, this is the great view you get of Mam Tor.
It's very obvious which part of it collapsed and destroyed the road below.
You can read up about it here;
We reached the road at the top of the lane, crossed it and entered the 'kingdom of the bracken!' It's really deep and thick here, but lots of fun to walk through.
We reached Bamford edge, and marvelled at the purple landscape,
now that the heather was in bloom.
Today's forecast wasn't very good - 'light rain showers all day', but so far, so good.
The view of Ladybower and the viaduct was superb today.
I was so glad for John, as this is one of the best views of the reservoir.
You can clearly see the path up to the summit of Win Hill on the left.
Of course, I HAD to pose on the rocks........
If only I could send you the smell that was in the air up here.
The perfume of the heather was incredible.
Mum and son.
The sun caught the viaduct just at the right time, and I captured it.
We walked right along the edge, this is the view to our left as we made our minds up to
try and reach Stanage edge by crossing the peat moor between it and us.
BIG mistake, as boggy ground stopped us in our tracks, and after trying fruitlessly for ages to discover a route around the bog, we turned back.
There's the track we need to be on.
Here's the track we WERE on!
Come on you two, follow me (famous last words).
As we thrashed through this jungle of bracken, I harboured thoughts of adders.
I didn't share these thoughts though, and made sure I made PLENTY of
noise as I progressed (so the adders would know I was coming).
Tiny little fungi nestled among the damp bracken.
They are SO delicate looking.

That sky kept growling, but against all the odds, we stayed dry!
This was our lunch stop under Stanage edge.
Sue's camera was on the wrong setting, hence the weird colours.
A few climbers were testing their mettle on the gritstone today.
Usually, there are LOTS of old millstones to be seen on this path,
but at this time of year, most of them are hidden by the bracken.
Sue, coming down from Stanage.
A last look back as the sun played on the edges.
We made our way back to the car at Bamford, and were grateful for staying dry all day.
John enjoyed the walk, and we very much enjoyed having him along.
The walk was only seven miles, but it was still a good one.

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