Saturday, 4 December 2010

Arran, re-visited, part four

Ah, day four, and yet another rain-soaked morning! At least the birds didn't mind, and were on the table as SOON as I'd put the seed out. The apple was for the squirrel, he seemed to like it.

We drove to the start of Glen Catacol, with the aim of possibly going over the top to Brodick, then catching a bus back to the car. However, the weather was again to play a large part in our plans.

Looking back from the start of the walk. An angry-looking sky above and behind us.

We saw this - another good example of the Fly Agaric fungi, this time a very young one.

We also said 'good morning' to Mr Toad.

He was a bit grumpy today.

Things looked a little brighter as we progressed higher up the glen, but you can see by the path that it was very wet underfoot.

As usual though, it made for very good water shots (as if you haven't already seen enough).

This was called a 'deer exclosure'. They were trying to get vegetation to re-establish itself here. It was around now that the heavens REALLY opened, and we battened down the hatches, then made the decision to turn back, due to time and weather.

At Catacol, I took this picture of the famous 'twelve apostles' houses, built during the infamous 'clearances'.
Read all about them here;

Glancing across the bay to Kintyre, we could see the rain coming along the straits.

Wildcat showers were hitting all along the shoreline.

We drove onwards to Lochranza, where we visited Galbraiths butchers shop and purchased two lovely venison steaks. That's dinner, sorted! We also had some divine sausages, with a BLACK PUDDING centre - so that's BREAKFAST sorted as well!

At LAST it stopped raining......just as we got home :-) Oh well, every cloud has a silver lining, and we saw this fabulous rainbow as we sat sipping our well-earned gin and tonics.

The doves were happy to see us as well, so we put more seed and nuts out.

Next posting is the last Arran one, and we planned to do something a bit more adventurous - with some unexpected complications and results.
Watch this space!

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  1. Excellent toad pic! they give me the heebie jeebies though.