Thursday, 3 February 2011

Derwent edge

A good day dawned today, so we wanted to get up high and stay up. Derwent edge is ALWAYS a favourite on these sort of days, so off we set to climb up to it. We parked at the side of Ladybower reservoir, and looked across the blue expanse to the sunlit viaduct across the water. What a fantastic day to be out!
As we climbed the first incline behind the 'Ladybower Inn' pub, we got this lovely view of the res' and Win Hill. Read about the legend of Win hill (and its neighbour, Lose hill) here;
It was very cold, but exhilarating to be up on the edge. This is Sue, backlit by the strong sunshine.

Geese flew overhead in a distinctive 'V' formation.
That's better - I said a 'V' formation!
The walking can only be described as wonderful!
With us walking mid-week, we often go all day without seeing another soul.
The sun and shadows were playing 'chase me' on the hillside opposite.
It does a girl good to get up here and breathe in the cool, crisp air.

Looking north along Ladybower reservoir.

These skies just defy description sometimes. Today was a REAL treat. We had a lot of clear, blue skies, but the clouds made for some incredible sights above us.
Approaching the wheel stones.
A well-wrapped Susie stands against the wheel stones.
A well-wrapped Susie stands against the wheel stones.
Yours truly.
The grouse were VERY vocal today, with their calls telling us to; 'go back, go back, go back'.

They were MUCH braver than usual, standing their ground as we approached them for a picture, unlike the one we encountered on a previous walk;
Clear blue skies, a band of cloud - HEAVEN!
The way the rays come through the clouds never ceases to amaze and enthral me.
We sat for many a while just taking it all in.

This rock looked like it was eating the sun.
Us? We were just drinking it ALL!
We walked as far as we could in half the time we had of light. Then, it was about-turn, and we made our way back. Nothing fancy today, just a high, satisfying walk that was good for the soul. We even had the moon for company as we retraced our footsteps.
The sun started to set above the horizon - time to hurry along back.
Another fabulous day in our beloved Peak district. We feel so happy and privileged to live here, and also to have the strength and fitness to explore it at regular intervals. My knee was improving with each walk, next week I plan to really test it by going into double figures, mileage wise. For now, it was home to a G&T and a nice, hot bath - ahhhhhhhh!

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