Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Driven to the edge!

Yesterday was our 'day off', but with a bank holiday coming up, we had to do a cash and carry run :-( However, we got everything done in good time, so we drove up to Curbar gap about 5:00PM, parked up and did a short walk over Baslow edge. To our delight, as we stepped from the car we heard our first cuckoo in the trees nearby.
This was our goal. The path goes to Baslow over the top is quite a way inland from the actual edge, so I decided to walk, but hug the edge for a change.
That's the car, parked in a lay-by below Curbar edge.
The sunlight was coming through the clouds in those lovely shafts, but BOY! was it WINDY!! We were glad of the tops we'd brought with us, and it wasn't long before they were on. This sort of wind and sun mix is one of our favourites, as it really makes you feel alive.
Getting further along the edge now, and this is a view you would not see from the 'normal' path. I vowed never to walk that normal path again when we come here, but to stick to this far more interesting and visual path on the edge.
Shafts of sunlight combing the valley - sighhhhhh.
The sky looks angry, but Sue looks positively happy - who could blame her, what a fabulous place to be. You can see by her pose and hair that the wind was howling across the edges today, but it was barely cool, not cold and biting.
I spotted this rock, which I said looked like a face - Sue said I was using a bit of artistic licence - what do you think, can you see it?........
How about now???
(Click on the picture for a larger version)
You don't need a ship to do a Titanic impression - we had ALL the wind we needed here today

We also saw this started (but not finished) millstone. It was the only one we saw. On Stanage, there are LOADS of these abandoned stones, all due to cheap French ones coming into the country and destroying the market here overnight.

A finer seat, there never was. WHAT a view!

You can see one of our favourite edges, Bamford, just above my rucksack, that's Win hill in front of me, and Kinder Scout in the distance.
The shafts running across the valley were stunning.

The sun also caught the 'Eagle stone', which we would pass on our way back.
Here we go - close up and personal. Also quite a face on this stone too (but I think you can see it without any help this time).
Then it was time to take one last look, and drive home to a nice piece of steak, but not before a swift one in the Bridge Inn at Calver - cheers.
If you want to see a couple of short videos of the windy condition, look here;

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