Friday, 26 August 2011

THEY LIED!! Don't you just HATE wrong weather forecasts?

WHY do we EVER believe the weather forecast? We did this week, and missed a good day to walk! It said 'heavy rain' but what we actually got was a few light showers in the morning, that's IT! Yes, we had jobs that we had to do, but the idea was to do them on a wet day (which Tuesday was forecast to be). Anyway, rant over. I did, however, sneak up onto Curbar edge early one morning because it was a bright, sunny day, and I knew the heather had burst into bloom so here are just a few 'heathery' pics for you. There's also a short video.
First, I parked at Curbar church. The light and atmosphere was really good at 7:30am.

The Bridge inn pub, by now (5 days later) it's probably a really red shade all over. It's already starting to turn on the far end, which gets all the sunshine. We get a lot of these 'ivied' pubs in Derbyshire, they look lovely at this time of the year.

Here's the video I took.
 I drove up to Curbar gap, left the car and was soon up on the edges. This was my first, lovely view.
 I really wish I could transmit the smell too, as it was fabulous, and VERY heavy with the morning dew.
The path over Curbar edge. I prefer to walk on the actual edge, which is away to the left as the views are better, but this shot of the heather-edged path is nice. 
 Looking towards Owler bar(Sheffield). The road across this moor is one of my favourites, and it's the one we take when we go to the cash and carry in Sheffield. In the winter months, we see some really good sunrises.
 Looking towards Baslow edge
 Then I left the inland path to see the view from the edge.

 Looking down to Curbar village.

 Not a soul around - I saw one woman dog-walking, but that aside, I had all this to myself.

 I've NO idea why I look so tentative in this picture, I felt really comfortable?
 I thought that I'd go as far as that rock, then turn back. I had to get ready for work, but WHAT a way to start the day!
 I could see the iconic arch of Froggatt bridge below me.
The view from that rock back along Curbar edge, then it was time to turn back.

One last picture, we saw this moon on our way home one night, and I couldn't resist stopping the car and taking a shot of it.


  1. Oh my gosh! What a lovely post. I was temporarily lifted from the hot central valley of California to this heavenly spot. I so enjoy your posts. Deborah (

  2. Thanks Deborah, so glad I can send such feelings over such a long distance. I'll keep on posting, while people keep enjoying!

  3. Hi Les, followed your advice and took a look at your blog. Lovely photos and descriptions of the feel of the place early in the morning before starting work. We'll look for updates and pointers for walks. (the couple from Essex)

  4. Hi Terry, glad it gives you some inspiration, and as I said, feel free to call in at the cafe when you come up again, or email me, for ideas & 'local knowledge'.