Friday, 21 October 2011

Lakes, part one

These are the pictures from our week long trip to Keswick, in the English Lake District. They are 'back to front', so these are day one. Subsequent days will be posted later.

Here we go then - the first set of pictures from the Lakes trip we did at the beginning of October. It was a bit of a gamble - the Lakes in October, and there was a freak heatwave the week before we went. When we arrived, we spoke to lots of people who had been there for a week, and they said it was TOO hot to walk, even saying it was uncomfortable! We went for a short walk to Castlerigg stone circle in the late afternoon, and it WAS very hot. We were in just shorts and tee shirts, but by the time the walk was over, we were very wet with sweat. Also, the horizon was very 'muggy' and not good at all for long photography.
But first - breakfast! We managed two on the patio while we were there. Nice, inviting view of Latrigg from here.

That's GOT to be a walk one day, while we're here.

On the Friday evening, we decided on a short stroll of about 4 miles, taking in the standing stones of Castlerigg, somewhere I'd never been. It was only a short walk from where we were staying. We met people who had been in the Lakes the past week, and said the heat was AWFUL! Too hot to do anything strenuous. This evening it was the same, and although we were just in shorts and tee's, it was quite uncomfortable. Still, it wasn't raining, which is always a plus :-) Here's a view of the famous stones.

It's really hard to get a view that doesn't include people - they are a very popular place for visitors.

This superb topo' plate is there, with raised, named examples of the fells you can see.

Sue and the stones.

Of course, with people there, you've got chance of a 'together' picture :-)

After the stones, we took a path over a nearby fell and made our way towards a church that Sue wanted me to see at Saint Johns in the Vale. On the way, we saw this beautiful Red Admiral butterfly.

The sky clouded over a little, and gave us some really beautiful effects.
Still stiflingly warm, though.

Tewet tarn.

Skiddaw was looking good tonight.

I just LOVE this 'blue' effect you get in the evenings.

Approaching St Johns in the Vale, with Clough Head behind.

Inside the little church there. You can find out more here;

Now, is it me - or is that water running UPHILL?????

At the end of our evening walk, I saw this lovely door-knocker fashioned like a woodpecker.

The weather men say cooler tomorrow, with a light breeze. That sounds like a great forecast to do a walk I've had my eye on for years - Striding Edge. Sue's done it three times before, but I've always avoided it in busy periods, as it's one of the Lakes biggest 'honeypots'. Tomorrow, all being well, I was to cross it off my list. Last time we tried to do it 'out of season', we got snowed off. You can see the pictures here;
The pictures of Striding Edge are at the end of the posting (scroll right down).


  1. Lovely photos! I've never visited the Lake District so it's great to see it here... one day when I can afford to go on holidays there I have plans for lots of walking!

    I must tell you, the butterfly you pictured is a red admiral not a peacock! Red admirals are supposedly a declining species but they seem to thrive in the Peak District and I see lots every year. They're one of my favourites as we always had them in the garden when I was child, they were the first butterflies I learned!

  2. LOL - I am ALWAYS getting told off for my mis-identifying of butterflies. One friend even gave me a book on them for Christmas last year, but did it do any good......???