Friday, 30 December 2011

Lack of walks :-(

What with Xmas and all, we've not had a walk now for almost a month, so REALLY hoping the weather isn't too bad next week when we next get a chance. I DID get a chance to shoot up into the fields above Haddon hall to get some nice shots of it in the sun (which I failed to do on our last walk as the weather wasn't very good).

 As you can see, looking over Bakewell, it was a LOT better today.
 ....and over towards Chatsworth.
 One of our favourite pubs, the Three Stags, is trimmed up for Christmas now. The landlord makes almost all of the decorations himself from natural things, and even collects his own mistletoe.
This is the fireplace and centre beam of the bar.

 The back room. You can see the bower above the fireplace. Those are real apples in the middle of it.
 Plus a big bunch of mistletoe......just in case - should get plenty of use on New Years Eve. :-)

 Another unusual thing about the stags is this - when you walk in, you wonder why there's a fox's tail above the door and 'into' the wall??
.....then, when you look on the other side.......

A HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my readers, may you have health and happiness in 2012.


  1. Some nice photos of the area. Looks like it will still be more than a week before I'm walking again - commitments and waiting for the buses to get back to normal.

  2. I think we are ALL straining at the leash a bit - I'm SO hoping we get a nice day next Tuesday - watch this space!

  3. Thank you, Les! Very interesting, but let me get used to it first :)

  4. Enjoy, Odeta, and welcome to my blog :-)