Saturday, 11 February 2012

A snowy Bakewell by night

We had a nice fall of snow in Bakewell last Saturday, so Sue & I took a walk around the town. It was lovely. Here are a few pictures. (Click on any picture for a larger image slideshow).

The weir at night.
 Snowy trees and lamplight in the crescent.
 In the town.
 Portland square.

 Postbox & main road.
 The old, original pudding shop.
 Untouched entrance to the churchyard.
 Bakewell church.
 Eerie glow over the graveyard.

 Monyash road, from the churchyard.
 Looking over the town from Yeld road.
 Yeld road, with an avenue of snowy trees.
Our cottages.


  1. I love Bakewell. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing them:)

  2. My pleasure :-) Glad you both like them. Thanks

  3. PS - do you ever use the new 'slideshow' mode? It's great, just click on any photo to get the slideshow.

  4. Hi Les,

    thanks for your comment, what a difference the laser treatment has made!

    I knew you had a food establishment in Bakewell but didn't know which one, I've just googled Riccis and realise I have eaten there but it was 8 or 9 years ago so before you took over!

    Where are all the snowdrops in Bakewell? I love them, though I do love bluebells too! We go over to Bakewell quite often (or travel through) so next time we are that way with a few spare pennies I'll pop in for a pizza! Can you cater for my wheat intolerant Dave with a risotto or something?!