Sunday, 7 October 2012

Tis a LOVELY village.

Our focus today was the village of Tissington, arguably the prettiest village in Derbyshire. Well, I for one would argue with that, but that is how the place is feted. I’m sure Foolow, Parwich and a few others would want a shout out in that category! We’d not been there for, oooh, must be three or four years. Not one to neglect areas, I chose to visit it today.
September, month of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Also the month when the leaves start to give their dying show of brilliant colour. As yet, just the odd tree was showing the early signs. A few more weeks would see some of the wonders of autumn, and I’ll be hoping to catch some on camera.

The church in the village of Parwich, our starting point. Not sure what the bunting was for, but it made the streets look very pretty.

 Bad light on this picture, but i just HAD to show you these very old yew trees in the churchyard. Those trunks have got many years girth on them. You can read much more about ‘taxus baccata’ here;

 One of the many lovely houses in the village.

We left the village by crossing a bridge over a small brook.

I noticed this fabulous stone planter, it looks like some kind of font?
 The squeezer stile out of the village.

 We were soon climbing and looking back over Parwich

This recently fallen tree made the stile very difficult to access and climb over.

Look at this though – what a lovely way to stop young lambs from getting through the stile, a tiny wooden door, sprung and hinged.

As I said in a previous walk ( ) Minning Low is visible from most high places in the White Peak (and beyond). Here’s a zoomed shot of it from the ridge above Parwich, before dropping down into Tissington.

How it looked without the zoom – still iconic and unmistakable.

A lone horse rider clops along the trail, fairly quiet today but usually bustling at weekends.

A colourful farm on the outskirts of Tissington, the ivy well on its way to full glory.

Tissington hall, viewed as we entered the village.

These strangely brown sheep took our eye as we walked past them. I don’t ever recall seeing any with this colouring before?

 A super scarecrow, but what was to follow was even better.

Edwards & Vintage 1940’s sweet shop – if you’re EVER in Tissington, it’s a MUST to see; Dave and Merrily (GREAT name) were most welcoming and gave us time, even though they were preparing for a magazine photoshoot.

Every sweet your heart could desire (and remember).

That's two shillings and sixpence, please.

With a period till to boot!

After treating ourselves to various childhood wonders (space dust, sherbert dib-dabs, merry maids), we reluctantly left. Our route now took us past the hall, and the imposing frontage. The whole village is owned by the hall, every house and business is rented.

The famous Hall well in the village. It is said that when many wells dried up in the past, Hall well always gave forth water, and the well dressings each year pay homage to this. Read more about Tissington here;

The village pond. This is the shot you see on all the Derbyshire calendars. Not too good a shot today though, as the sky was grey and overcast.
 An inquisitive new calf. This farm had over 40 calves, and we spoke to the farmer who said he was expecting the same amount again to be born before Christmas.

As we headed for the car, the rains came and we got a good soaking for an hour or so. Before the deluge, I got this panoramic shot. Not a great view, but my first with my new fancy phone that does panoramic shots for you. (Click on the picture for a larger view).


  1. Thats fantastic and what a great blog!! I will be checking out your many walks! So glad to meet you at the shop and hope you will call again. Thank you for your kind words, Its people like you that make Edward and Vintage even better for us. Have a great holiday and we will come to see you soon! Best wishes Dave Walker

  2. Thanks Dave - we'll hope to see you again soon - I'm sending EVERYBODY to Tissington and your shop now :-)