Sunday, 13 November 2011

Lakes, final part.

Here we go - the last part. Don't forget, Blogger has now added a slideshow facility, so if you click on any picture, you will see a slideshow.

   We puffed and panted up the steep, winding path until we reached the ridge. It was a glorious day and we could see for MILES! I remember coming along this ridge from Stonethwaite, when I did the coast to coast walk in 1993. That was a REALLY hot day, as I remember. 
 Although there were clouds about, we were bathed in sunshine (which made the climb a pretty warm affair). It was going to be hard to leave here in these perfect conditions when it was time to head home.
 Sue got to the top first.
Sue, on Helm Crag. That crag looks nice........
 ....of course, I HAD to have a go!
 The view from the top was brilliant. You can just see Easedale tarn in that dip.
Looking back along the valley we drove down.
Grasmere. We sat in the lee of the outcrop and had lunch. Unexpectedly, it began to rain. We had quite a heavy shower for about 15 minutes.
Then this.

The rain blew over, and we soon dried out in the warm sunshine and breeze. We set off down.
 These pastures are VERY green-looking for the time of year.
 This was more like it - a lane of autumn leaves.
 Looking back to Helm crag.
The sky cleared quickly, and left these fabulous shots with lovely clouds and perfect clarity.
 This incredible set of walls across the valley must have taken a massive amount of time to build.
 A nice set of stepping stones in the beck.
So we made our way back to the car, passing this chocolate box cottage on the way.

And that was the end of our Lakes trip :-(
We'd had mixed weather, but on the whole, we really loved it. It had been far too long since we'd been among the mountains, and we vowed it wouldn't be as long until the next time.

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