Monday, 7 November 2011

Lakes, part four.

Tuesday, and it rained REALLY hard during the night. We lay awake listening to it clattering on the wooden roof of our cabin. When we got up, it had stopped, but the skies still looked full of it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained though, so we booted up and set off to Buttermere. 
 We parked up in a little lay-by near the beautiful, simple Buttermere chapel. Buttermere means 'lake by the meadow'.
 We started the climb up to Whiteless edge, looking over the valley to the amazing Lakeland pass we drove along that runs from Braithwaite to Buttermere. Incredibly, this pass doesn't have a name!
Susie puts her back into the start of the climb. That mountain range behind her includes Haystacks on the left, which is where the ashes of the famous Lakeland author, Alfred Wainright, were scattered. You can read all about him here;

 I must have seen happier faces, but I can't remember when!

 Looking down to Crummock water, with Lowes water behind. The autumn mantle was beginning to wrap the lakes. This was just the beginning.
I had a bit of a knee problem, but with the support, it was kept in check and I could do these climbs ok. 
 Wandope and Whiteless edge

 To our left, we could see part of the top of Grasmoor. It was only now that we decided to walk to the top of it. Todays walk had always been 'suck it and see', but now we had fair weather and the bit between our teeth, we were rearing to go!
The view up the valley was great too. We've both done that edge you can see, so we were eager to add the part to the top of Grassmoor, unseen over to our left, to our list. 
 But first - this one had to be climbed. The path up it was STRAIGHT - knees in chest time.

 Behind us, the sun was wrestling with the clouds to shine through, and WHAT a show it was giving us.

 The rays raced effortlessly across mountains and valleys, picking out this feature and that.

 WOW! This was better than any man-made show, it deserves the word awesome!

 The wind was starting to get up as we got higher.
 The rays were now concentrating on the Rannerdale knotts and Crummock water, to our left.

The next part sees us top out on a VERY windy Grasmoor. If you want to see just HOW windy - look here;

To be continued........ 

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