Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Castleton skyline with my brother, Colin

As readers of this blog will know, I used to walk most Sundays with my brother, Colin. Since my move to Bakewell, this hasn't been possible so we earmarked a date, Colin came over to stay with us, and we did a walk of his choice. He wanted to 'do' the famous 'Castleton Skyline' walk, which takes in Mam tor and Lose hill.

We parked up outside the YHA building in Castleton, and walked up cave dale, under Peveril castle, the structure that gives
Castleton its name.

A smiling brother
At the top of Cave dale, we turned right and walked across the fields, over the tops and ascended Mam Tor. This is the view across to Winnats Pass from the top of Mam Tor.
Colin and Sue, at the summit cairn of Mam Tor.
There are lots of embedded artefacts, or replicas, in the
stonework around the summit. They are worth looking at.
The old Mam Tor road, which collapsed several times.
You can read the history here;
The road is now only passable on foot, with some VERY severe
'steps' where the road has just slipped.
Treak cliff cavern in the hillside, one of three tourist caverns
at Castleton.
Looking across the Edale valley from the skyline.
Looking across to Win hill, from the
topographic plate on Lose hill.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly on a log.
(Click on the pic for a larger version)
....and on a thistle.
But what's this orange bum poking up here????
Just another bug, getting his share of the nectar on offer!
We dropped into the Hope valley and made our way, via a few stiles,
back towards Castleton.
Busy bees, milking the Meadow Cranesbill flowers.

We had a well-earned pint in Castleton, before setting back off home.
Colin enjoyed the day, and was not at all stiff the following day.
I hope we can do this again soon.

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  1. I love wild flowers and you excel at your close-ups! xx