Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Padley Gorge, Surprise View & Higger Tor

Today we parked at the famous grindleford station (famous for the cafe and the bacon rolls). There's lots of free parking on the lane down to the cafe.
This si the start of the Toltley tunnel. It's the longest non-electrified tunnel in the UK, and you can read more about it here;

Now we're full into summer, and the show of flowers by the path side reflects this.

On the climb up the north west side of Padley gorge, we came across this rock.
What does it remind you of?
Well, Sue soon got the idea!
.....and if you can't beat 'em........
Woodland paths are great at any time of the year, but this really
was a JOY to walk up, and it smelt as good as it looked.
We were grateful of the shade, as the sun was REALLY strong now.
Looking down into the gorge we could see various small
waterfalls. This was the place I came to when I first got my
new digital SLR camera.

One of my favourites, digitalis (the foxglove), is well
on its way to flowering now.

Another old millstone, abandoned when the French ones took over
Fabulous, clear, uninterrupted views today
A look up saw this guy in the sky.
Surprise view quarry. When I first began country walking in 1986, it
was the result of going on an outward bound course in Castleton, Derbyshire.
This quarry was where they brought us to climb.
The view from the top of the quarry is second to none!
This collection of rocks is known as 'mother cap'.
Sue admires the view......
.....but keeps well away from the edge!
We next walked a path neither of us had done before - Millstone edge.
This is 'over Owler tor' rocks.
The path through the new growth of bracken was a delight to walk,
but we could really feel the heat of the sun,
now we had lost the shade of the trees.
These little butterflies fluttered all around us.

Looking up to our next goal - Higger tor.
We were soon on top, reaping the rewards of our efforts.
Happy man!
Happy lady.
The short path to Carl Wark iron age fort.
This curlew was buzzing us noisily.
She must have a nest nearby.
All I can do is be thankful we were making her call,
it was divine to listen to.
Smiley face.
There were lots of small flowers among the grass.
This delicate little thing caught my eye.
Burbage brook. A quiet, tiny backwater now,
as we haven't had any rain for WEEKS.
The top of Padley gorge.
This is where we started back to the car, choosing to
walk down the north eastern side of the dale for
a different perspective.
The dappled light looked lovely in the woods.
Yet another abandoned millstone.
It looks complete too.
We just followed the stream back down, criss-crossing the path
until we reached the station again, and the car.
A hot but lovely walk of just 5.5 miles - PERFECT for a
warm summers day.


  1. The stream with the little bridge looks a peaceful spot, just ripe for a picnic.

    Stunning photographs as always x

  2. One of my all-time favourite walks - dingle dell and Iron age forts - wonderful!