Friday, 2 July 2010

Lost lad part two - the return!

Two weeks ago, I did the 'Lost Lad' walk with two American friends. This week, Sue & I walked with two other friends, Steven & Mavis, who also requested a Derwent Edge walk, taking in 'Lost Lad'. Let me tell you, to go to this place twice in a short space of time is NO hardship!

The day started out VERY murky, and was even worse when we had parked up at Ladybower.
Looking up to the edges, it didn't look too promising, but were we downhearted??

This was the view, if you look at the previous posting,
you can see just how low the reservoir has got in only ten days or so.
Undaunted, we started the climb.
This is a very pleasant 'boreen type' track that the grouse shooters use
to access the moors.
A bunny victim of Myxomatosis.

As we started to gain height, a look back at ladybower.
It's still a bit murky, but you can see the viaduct.
This Lapwing (or peewit) must have had a nest close by,
as she was buzzing us as we walked by.

Win hill (right) and Bamford edge (centre).
Broken walls and Bamford edge.
VERY murky on the Castleton skyline.
Final section of the path to Lost Lad.
Derwent edge.
Time for lunch. By now the weather was starting to clear
and it was pleasantly warm.
Clouds breaking.
One large caterpillar!
Me, Steven and Mavis at the trig point at Back Tor.
Happy Susie.
The reservoir and a clearing Castleton skyline.
Looking forward to the Wheel stones
This hare was hard to spot, very well camouflaged.
Click on the picture to blow it up - can you see him?

There he is!
Come on, come on - we haven't got all day!
Clear and sunny now, looking back up
to Derwent edge.
The foxgloves are REALLY coming on.
View out of Grindle barn
A stone etching in the barn. It's full of stuff by local kids.
More foxgloves.

This mother brought her chicks to see us.
A spotted orchid.
The mighty Derwert dam.
The reservoir on a now perfect day.
Do you think that pipeline spoils the view?
What it would look like without.
Sort of looks a bit bare when you're used to the pipe?


  1. I wanted to choose my favourite photo but I couldn't because there's so many fantastic ones. Poor rabbit, I wondered if you knew how to spell mixie my toesies or had to look it up! Silly me, of course you knew :-))

  2. Thanks Wendle XX I really wanted to kill the rabbit - but I'm too soft!