Friday, 21 January 2011

A little edges ramble.

As most of you know (well - I've whinged about it enough) I damaged my knee on Arran, and it only started to feel better on Christmas eve. I had done a short walk from Bakewell to Rowsley, about 3 miles, but it felt sore. Now, it felt better, so it was time to test it. We decided on a walk of just over six miles, with about 1,000 feet of ascent. The leg held out really well, so I was extremely pleased with it and myself. Next time, I'd go further, but for now, a few shots of Froggatt edge and the valley.
The skies looked a bit dark when we set off, but it felt fantastic to just be out again, breathing in the crisp, clean air and striding out along the edges with such fine views.

Looking along Froggatt edge.
Still some remains of the snow in the gullies.
The path along the top was still frozen hard, despite the weak sunshine.
Sue and our friend Moira - putting the world to rights!
This rock must have been molten at some time to have been 'bent' like that.
Looking northwards towards Kinder Scout
This looks like a great spot for lunch, in the woods.
Nice shadows as we approach the river valley and Froggatt village.
Sun on the river Wye.
Froggatt bridge.
We were VERY lucky to see a group of male goosander on the river.
There were about eight of them.
I also saw this lovely patch of fungi, and had to be 'dangled' over the river to get this shot.
I was SO pleased that we'd been out again, and we celebrated with a pint at the pub in Calver.


  1. This is a part of the world we know so well and love to walk. Hubby used to do the Wild Ways walks and the kids and I used to be his back up team! xxxx

  2. Hi Diane. Well, small world - I used to do the WWW too! One year, I was the most sponsored person :-) It all went sour when, three days before Xmas, I got a letter from the NCH chairman. It was AWFUL! It tried to make me feel guilty, and spoilt my Xmas. I wrote them a very stiff letter, saying what they had done was wrong, and I never walked for them again! They are just SO greedy sometimes. You give all you can - they want more (rant over).

  3. I didn't notice the snow when I was walking along the edges on Wednesday.

  4. Ah, at THIS time of year, the snow is soon gone. Before you know it, it will be wall-to-wall snowdrops, then daffs, then bluebells, then........I can't WAIT!