Friday, 14 January 2011

Llangollen, final part.

Here we go then - last pics from our trip to Llangollen. I'd seen, on many occasions, this sort of bridge. I'd no IDEA what it was, or how it worked, but here one was, and now I could see just how it worked.

This was the point where we turned back - I didn't want to exacerbate my knee problem, but I was loving seeing this area 'close up'. We decided to drop under the viaduct to have a look. These icicles were really impressive.
That one under the centre was HUGE!!! If it broke off whole, it would impale the ground.
But enough of this - we needed to relax. The Michelin starred meal I had planned had fallen through, thanks to the snow, but Gales wine bar (across from our B&B) came mightily to the rescue. The food was just superb, and we took full advantage of the night to enjoy ourselves. Happy birthday, Sue xx
So - next morning it was time to face the drive home. All the scare-mongering didn't put me off, but it DID make me re-schedule times. Instead of leaving Llangollen early, we left just before lunch. It was a good move, as the roads were clear right up until Buxton. The A6 was a bit dire, but no problem for the Honda.

Even the speed camera outside Bakewell looked a bit merry with its cap of snow on - WELCOME HOME!
How to get into the car park - well, act like a snow plough, and just GO for it!
No-one else had bothered to have a go though.
This was the scene when I opened the back door.
Just HOW to shovel this lot out? (that's the 2 dustbins on the left). In the end, I had to shovel all the snow over the gate, THEN shovel it again to get out (the gate opens inwards).
Or this lot at the front of the cottage.

To be honest, we LOVED the snow. Yes, ok, we got a bit fed up after it ruined business for a month, but it DID look lovely :-) Anyway, now we have spring to look forward to. The birds are perking up, and we are looking for the first snowdrops to peep out of the ground. I hope you've enjoyed this little trip of ours.


  1. I have enjoyed the final part of the trip. Those icicles were impressive! I only have a little punto but I've not had any trouble driving around derbyshire in the snow! Like you, I just plough through snow on car parks and I think the key to driving on snowy or icy roads is to stay calm and be confident! When I was learning, my dad took me out and taught me how to drive on snow and ice and I'm really grateful for that now as it means I don't let the weather spoil my plans unless it really gets bad! A 4WD is much better though, I wish I had one!

    Oh, thanks for spotting my mistake! I have added that missing L to my title!

  2. Glad you enjoyed the pics Louise. I really have to have a 4WD, as the place I keep stock for our cafe is down an unmetalled, steep track - would be impossible in snow in a normal car (plus the car needs to ride high to avoid 'bottoming').
    I wondered if your 'mistake' was for the festive season - you know, 'NO L' ;-)

  3. Just found your blog. Its Brilliant! We love walking around your neck of the woods. Of to read a bit more! xx

  4. Nice to have you 'on board' Diane, and welcome. One of my ambitions is to visit your favourite theatre, the Minack. If you like 'Cornishy' things, you might like my diary of the Pembrokeshire coastal path. Not Cornwall, but quite like it! Have a look at;