Monday, 3 January 2011

Sue's birthday trip to Llangollen, day one.

It was Sue's birthday on December first, so as a surprise, I booked a lovely little B&B by the river Dee in Llangollen, with the idea of doing some big walks in the area. That was until I popped my cartilage out on Arran!
Anyway, despite that, we went ahead with the trip and stayed at the LOVELY 'Cornerstones' right in the centre of town. We had also booked to go to a Michelin starred restaurant called 'Tyddyn Llan', but the snow had other ideas on that one! You can see what we missed here;

Our hostess had JUST finished decorating the place for Christmas, and she made a lovely job of it too.
She even left a decanter with some port for a little aperitif for us.
As soon as we had settled in, we walked (well, more a sort of limping hobble for me) around Llangollen. This is the view upriver of the Dee, our B&B is on the right, just beyond that white hotel.
Reminds me of that joke;
I caught a bus, and said to the conductor; "do you stop at the royal?".
He said; "What, on MY wages!!!"
The view downstream, with the railway line and station, unfortunately closed until the Santa specials later in December, but the cafe was open, so we had a walk around the platform.
Castel Dinas Bran. My Dad used to point this out to us as we came into Llangollen on our way to our holiday destination, Anglesey. It was always an aspiration of mine to climb up to it, and I realised that when I walked Offa's Dyke in 1992. It was a very poignant moment as, by then, my Dad has passed away. You can read about my Offa's dyke trip here; I went up to Dinas Bran on 26th. Sorry there are no photo's in there, but this was before digital!
We'd read about 'Plas Newydd' all around Llangollen. It was bought by two aristocratic 'ladies of Llangollen' (as they were known). It's really strange, as they were quite a feted couple, having visits from some very important and influential people of the time, but reading between the lines, one was almost a paedophile, and both were lesbians - two VERY shady things in those times! Read all about the 'ladies' here, and make up your own mind;
The superb dovecote - those doves were spoilt!
The main frontage of the house. The 'ladies' didn't have all this fancy woodwork done, later owners did that. The back of the house is just a plain, white wall.
The front is EXTREMELY impressive though!
This must be the best, and most 'Gothic' type porch EVER.
This would frighten small children.
A hell of a lot of work went into the carvings.
Strange, quite striking words above the porch.
Icicles and berries.

Back in town now, and time for a trip to the railway station.

The river, from the platform of Llangollen station.
Looking across to 'The Corn Mill', quite a good restaurant, but one we didn't go to, as there didn't seem to be much atmosphere. Sue has eaten there in the past, but it was while it was 'buzzing' in the Summer, and you could sit out on the wooden balcony (right) to take in the warm evening.
We were lucky in having a very good bistro/wine bar opposite 'Cornerstones' called 'Gales'. There was a shop, hotel and bistro. The food in the bistro was super, and the menu changed daily, so we went every night, and can wholly recommend it.
That's all for this posting, but more to follow soon, when we walk along the canal (yes - I managed to do about 3 miles, wearing a leg brace) and walk over the Pontncysyllte viaduct.


  1. Thanks for your kind comment, I'm glad you liked my photos!

    Very interesting post, I must be sure to come back to it for reference if I'm ever going near Llangollen1 The carvings in the porch are fantastic!

  2. Hi Louise, yes - the carvings ARE incredible - they almost look like they're done in coal, they are so black. More pics coming soon. Les